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Over Memorial weekend, Mr. Gal and I traveled to Savannah, GA to meet up with some good friends and explore the city a little. I tell you all about it on this week’s Traveling Tuesday destination here! trav·el[trav-uhl] Show IPA verb, -eled, -el·ing or (especially British) -elled, -el·ling, noun, adjective verb (used without object) 1. to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey: to travel for pleasure. 2. to move… Read more »

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Not for me…but a dear friend is having a little girl in a few months and last weekend we threw her a little shower to help welcome the arrival of baby Vanessa. The shower was complete with homemade baby onesie cookies, angel food cake with a orange glaze {complements of my friend, Anna}, delish drinks, and lots of love talking about life and the little one to come. Me with the beautiful momma-to-be….Tiara, I can’t wait to meet Vanessa!! xoxo,

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Hello peeps! I’m starting a new series called Traveling Tuesday that’s all about…. well, travel. It’s a big love of mine, and I know someone else out there loves to travel too, so hopefully, you’ll enjoy it! The series will cover all kinds of travel; with guest bloggers, personal stories, and the whole wide world out there, we should be good to go! {If you would like to be a guest blogger for this series, you have some travel tips,… Read more »


In case you haven’t caught on {wink} every other Sunday you can find me at CentsationalGirl rounding up the “Best of the Blogosphere” with Kate! We search blogs of all kinds looking for DIY projects and home improvements to make up the roundup for the week. I love doing it because I get to hop around to so many different blogs, and I’m constantly getting new ideas! Now where’s all my time to make all these project! Check out our… Read more »