I’m sure you know by now, V is here with us for another two weeks, and I can’t tell you how precious it is to get to spend time with him, to see his face light up, to love on him–even if it’s just for a short period. We’ve had a week filled with lots of giggles, quite a few cars rides, and lots of new experiences! V love love loves corn-on-the-cobb! We use thumbs up & thumbs down to… Read more »


I love a good book. And it’s no secret I love coffee. When they come together…I’m a happy girl. Have you read this book? It’s such a delightful, well-written read! I remember buying the book when I worked a few hours at Barnes & Noble {back in 2007}. And yes, I worked there purely so I could get a discount on books. But currently, I’m making my way through another Starbucks book…Onward. Written by CEO, chairman, & president Howard Schultz,… Read more »


It’s Tuesday, and I am feeling the craving to go on a vacation. Or, at least a beer! So this Traveling Tuesday we’re exploring the Bavarian Fests! All over Bavaria there are fests like the Starkbierfest in March and the most well-know to us Americans, Oktoberfest in September! The first time I went to Germany was around the time of Oktoberfest… Jared has on the traditional garb for the guys… and I’m still wondering who I’m dating {at the time!… Read more »


If you follow my twitter, you know that last night my hubs and I met V! He’s a Ukrainian orphan we’ve been given the privileged of hosting for three weeks through Redline United. The house we’re renting, technically, has three bedrooms. But the one really is designed to be an office with it’s french doors and ceiling to floor shelves. So we knew V would be staying in our guest bedroom, which I haven’t really done a whole lot too…. Read more »