On Saturday I met up with some local Raleigh bloggers to spend the day hopping from this store, to this store. And this one and of course, ReStore..where I scored a free shutter! Ye-ah! But the best part was meeting the lovely ladies! One of whom is apparently an angel=). If you hop over to Pretty Handy Girl by Brittany, and you can read her sweetly written lineup!  Or read Courtney’s post about it–she was the lovely lady who organized… Read more »

hobo 8

For 4th of July weekend I went camping with some friends. The weather was perfect, the hikes were great, the canoeing was fun. Just a great time all around! And while I grew up camping with my family, Mr.Gal and I have never camped together… and we pretty much borrowed everything from friends. So when it came to cooking meals, we had a campfire. Mr. Gal and his previous camping experiences came to the rescue. {Thanks Darin & Conor!} Here’s… Read more »

Si Greece 17

I know when you look back on your vacations or trips, it really is hard to compare countries and experiences…but this trip wins “all-round awesomeness.” Mainly because of our means of transportation…we (plus 4 friends) had our own sailboat and our own skipper who pointed us in the direction of fabulous beach bars, castle ruins, and perfect nights docked in a secluded cove …does vacation get any better than that? {notice the Bavarian flag flying from our sailboat…representing} {discovered olive… Read more »