Lately I’ve been running, running, running. Not literally… actually not a big runner. But with work, the hubs being gone, traveling, training for a program I’m volunteering with…it’s been busy. You too, I’m sure. So with so many things to think about, who thinks about lunch? I do. About 10 minutes before I’m walking out the door in the morning. Sometimes I think about it after dinner when I have leftovers. But when Mr. Gal is gone, I don’t really… Read more »

Remember back when Kate created these beautiful and amazing cutting boards?? Well, I sent that link lickety-split to my brother. See he’s the one with all the wood tools. And I attached a loving little note that said: “This is what I would like for Christmas. Mom said she would like one as well. Your lovely sister, Abi.” So imagine my surprise when I opened these beauties up!! It’s Amish-cut maple from a local distributor in Pennsylvania. My dad picked… Read more »

I’m sitting here with a glass of wine…when I really should be sleeping. It’s been a few late nights. But I want to jump in on the Nester’s Home Goals party! Goals really are something I think about a lot {thanks love!}. So when it comes to my home, I have plans for you! Okay…here’s what my glass of wine and I have to say. I know that I’m always working with the “next house” wherever else, whenever else I… Read more »

A while ago, my sister-in-law and I were thrift shopping in PA and my little eye spied a beauty. Well I wandered around the store, thought about it…went back and forth. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Kate, wouldn’t you like it? Hmmm, what should I do? End result, my sweet sister shut me up by buying the fan and giving it too me. Isn’t she just a dear?! So I get to look at this beauty…lucky, lucky me. I’d show you… Read more »