feature table

Surprisingly, making over this table didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought it would. Yay! If you don’t remember, I started with this: To strip the table, I broke it down completely–it was so much easier that way. Once all the pieces were stripped…well, I painted. I added some water (can’t really tell you how much because I didn’t measure) to some Valspar True White semi-gloss paint and lightly brushed over the whole table. I painted and did… Read more »

window Final

A few weeks ago, I stopped by my local ReStore to see what I could see. And I came out of there with a few things, one of them being this lovely window…for five-dolla! The flower box included {and attached}. My master bedroom needed her! The window still had glass in all of the panes, but the caulking was coming off in quite a few spots that I decided to push out all of the glass pieces and just use… Read more »


I can finally say, dresser makeover complete. I knew what kind of handles I wanted for the dresser and the ones it came with, no thank you. Here’s the dresser before… And finished. Like, for real finished. Looong time coming. She really looks oh, so good! And the handles….from Target! At a fabulously cheap price. I have to say, for as long as it took me to finished the dresser, and considering halfway through I was about ready to drop… Read more »

final dresser 2

Talk about the project that I just couldn’t finish. Do you even remember what dresser I’m talking about? Those aren’t the best pictures… and actually, judging from them.. why did I repaint it again? My original idea was to strip, sand, and repaint black {fixing the botched paint job on the top, and fixing the scratched and messed up sides} to go with my bedroom that had these nightstands. After I had started, my husband decided to buy us a… Read more »