I know people hate on Pinterest (I have my own opinion about that) but I love love love scrolling through all the pictures and recipes. I get so many ideas and direction from Pinterest. God bless you people who created you! I was on Pinterest before Christmas and I spotted this pin. I knew there would be no way I could do this Christmas, but I thought that this might make a perfect winter item! Jen offered a free antler… Read more »


There’s nothing like have a wee little one around to amped up the magic of Christmas. Little finger points and “ooooohh” at every.single.Christmas.light. It’s magical. Ajax’s head about exploded when we were are Denver Botanical Garden Lights–lights and lights and lights everywhere! One of the Christmas traditions we have gets mailed out each year…it’s our Christmas card. You can see our years past (minus our first year) here, here, and here. The only rule is that we all (including Roxann)… Read more »

I pinned this pin a while ago, and when my dad was in town (like back in August) I put him to work helping me make my very own DIY Home States. And looking back, I pretty sure I need him to get this project done. He uses math… which proved much more helpful than my “eeehh, that looks about right”. I ended doing almost exactly what Ashley did, with just a few differences. I didn’t distress my fence slats,… Read more »

When my mom was in town, we got a little crafty and made fall wreaths. I had pinned these pics earlier, and wanted a very similar wreath. So we stopped at Michaels and picked up a few supplies to make our wreaths: felt and grapevine. I already had the twig wreath and a hot glue gun. And I looooove it! It’s been hanging on my front door since we finished, even though it was in August. It was a pretty… Read more »