Dressing postpartum is by far, much much harder than figuring out what I could stretch over a nine-month belly. My mom passed down some great genes to me which allowed a lot of my pregnancy weight to slip right off. But even with metabolism working on my side, there’s no changing the different body I’m now working with. Pre-pregnancy jeans just fit different, some don’t fit at all. There’s a little extra around my middle that I get to dress;… Read more »

I’m actually shocked we are getting pictures up on the walls, but it really does make me feel more like I live here. If you remember, my husband put up this gallery wall in our old house. That wall really needed something to cover it, and the gallery wall was just that. Not to mention we get to see places we’ve travels and sweet friends. Well, in Colorado house #2, our walls were slightly different. The biggest space of wall… Read more »

One of the many things that I didn’t have in my house in NC that I have now is a bar-and a pretty big one at that. It’s connected to the island in our kitchen and it really wasn’t an option to not have some form of seating there. And oh, since we didn’t have any bar stools…I had to look for some. Oh shopping, I love how we always meet. As always, World Market had a bar stool with… Read more »

Even though I just posted on Lindsay’s Life of Splendor about my living room, my master bedroom is slowing coming together too. I still need curtains (like bad) and need to paint the attached bathroom, oh, and I want (not need) a new bedspread…but everything else is “done”. Remember I tackled the off-centered window problem here, well on the opposite wall is where my chest of drawers sits. With all of the neutral colors in the room, when it came… Read more »