One of my favorite summer drinks is sangria, and I’m especially partial to Spanish Sangria. This sangria super easy to make, delicious, and if your not careful, you’ll drink half the pitcher without realizing it. It’s that delicious! Also, since it has orange juice in it, does that mean it’s acceptable to drink for breakfast? Spanish Sangria Fruit 1/2 cup sugar 1 1/2 cups spiced rum 1 bottle red wine* orange juice I used apples and oranges for my sangria,… Read more »

One of my goals for this year was to read (at least) twenty-four books, and it being May, almost half way through the year means I have a few books under my belt. And since I love getting a good book recommendation, I thought I’d share a few of mine. I blew threw these books! I was on the fence about reading the Divergent series (what am I, 13?) but once I read the first one, I had to see… Read more »

I came into my marriage making it very clear that one of the things I just don’t do….is make the bed. I didn’t really see the point of making the bed when I was just going to crawl back into it that night. I’m not sure how many times my husband tried to change my philosophy on making the bed, but I wasn’t budging. Well one day, not even a month ago, I randomly made the bed. I’m totally going… Read more »

There’s a bubbly cocktail in my hand and thoughts about the brand new year that’s almost here. Thoughts about new goals and new hopes for what this year could be. I’m not really a “new years resolution” type person, but I do love me some goals. I might of said it before, but my husband encourages me to looks at goals I’ve set every six months. Honey, I know I act like I’m not really a fan-like I’m just in… Read more »