Even though I just posted on Lindsay’s Life of Splendor about my living room, my master bedroom is slowing coming together too. I still need curtains (like bad) and need to paint the attached bathroom, oh, and I want (not need) a new bedspread…but everything else is “done”. Remember I tackled the off-centered window problem here, well on the opposite wall is where my chest of drawers sits. With all of the neutral colors in the room, when it came… Read more »

Friday is here and I’m celebrating like I worked this week. Hah! Don’t worry, it’s coming, and I’m just a little excited! Today I’m over at Lindsay’s Life of Splendor talking about my favorite room so you’ll have to check it out! And if you haven’t met Lindsay yet, you need too. We both love antlers and deer. Enough said.  Happy Friday! via

With all the pictures I have, it’s hard for me to frame other kinds of art. It’s not that I don’t like non-picture art, I just have a lot of pictures. My MIL send me a little note in the mail-she always has the cutest cards, and the note she sent me just a few days ago, I just loved…so I framed it. I used a little burlap for the background and a white IKEA frame. Right now it’s on… Read more »

One of my favorite things I get to do at Christmas, is a Christmas card. I sorta stumbled into this non-traditional photo thing, and have brainstormed each year trying to think up a good photo. Not that beautifully posed Christmas cards aren’t awesome, we just started with unique picture and wanna keep it that way. The only rule…everyone has to be in it, even Roxann. Yes, I love my dog, deal with it. So here’s what this Christmas card ended… Read more »