I came into my marriage making it very clear that one of the things I just don’t do….is make the bed. I didn’t really see the point of making the bed when I was just going to crawl back into it that night. I’m not sure how many times my husband tried to change my philosophy on making the bed, but I wasn’t budging. Well one day, not even a month ago, I randomly made the bed. I’m totally going… Read more »

There’s a bubbly cocktail in my hand and thoughts about the brand new year that’s almost here. Thoughts about new goals and new hopes for what this year could be. I’m not really a “new years resolution” type person, but I do love me some goals. I might of said it before, but my husband encourages me to looks at goals I’ve set every six months. Honey, I know I act like I’m not really a fan-like I’m just in… Read more »

Dressing postpartum is by far, much much harder than figuring out what I could stretch over a nine-month belly. My mom passed down some great genes to me which allowed a lot of my pregnancy weight to slip right off. But even with metabolism working on my side, there’s no changing the different body I’m now working with. Pre-pregnancy jeans just fit different, some don’t fit at all. There’s a little extra around my middle that I get to dress;… Read more »

We just might have a white Christmas here in Colorado. How perfect for Ajax’s first Christmas! Think he’ll notice if I open his Christmas presents for him? Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Christmas cards from past years.