There’s a new couch in my living room, and it was love at first sight-in more ways than one. Before Christmas J & I went to a local furniture store to look for a loveseat to go in the den–where we had placed one of our couches. If you remember, we bought two of theses couches back when we lived in GA. We had one upstairs in the living room and one downstairs in the den. But when we walked… Read more »

It started when I got these antlers from my Dad. And I think being in Colorado that’s super outdoorsy, woodsy only encourages my obsession with deer. Right now, all these pieces are on my main level…but I’m always looking for more Bambi’s to make their way to all the floors in my house. My little obsession has even made it’s way into my gift-wrapping this year. I can’t seem to stop!! Is there something you’re currently obsessed with???

I did a first this year! I went into the woods, not a tree farm, but into the mountains and cut down a Christmas tree! And by cut, I mean my husband did it. It’s really a neat thing. You buy a permit for $10 and go cut down whatever tree you want. It was a really fun experience! Although, once the tree got in my house, it took me, eehhh two days to actually like the tree. It’s a… Read more »

Here’s my Christmas Mantel!! Even though my favorite part is there year-round and not anything I did–the fireplace. I got a few letters and painted them a taupe and red glitter to match the rest of the colors I’m using for Christmas this year. Since we cut down our tree in the Colorado woods, everything has taken on a rustic theme–which I’m really, really loving. Let chat now about the TV on my mantel. It’s not really what I had… Read more »