Remember back when Kate created these beautiful and amazing cutting boards?? Well, I sent that link lickety-split to my brother. See he’s the one with all the wood tools. And I attached a loving little note that said:
“This is what I would like for Christmas. Mom said she would like one as well. Your lovely sister, Abi.”

So imagine my surprise when I opened these beauties up!!





It’s Amish-cut maple from a local distributor in Pennsylvania. My dad picked up the wood plank–about 13 ft.– had it planked, and then took it to New York for my brother to do the rest. My brother made five boards from the plank–he made all us girls happy! And he did a great job didn’t he?!? I’m loving my wood cutting boards.  {Thanks Kate for the awesome idea!!}


p.s. Yes, I’m making changing to GG. Thanks for being patience while I get everything situated…slowly, but I’ll get there!

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