I am always looking for ways to dress up my walls, and Subway Art has always caught my eye. You can buy it on canvas here and here. Or prints like this. Or….you could do what my friend, Erin, did and create your own.
Erin (and her soon-to-be hubby, Edward) are wonderfully talented photographers who own Charis Images {check them out!}. Erin used Photoshop to create her piece of art {If you don’t have Photoshop, Adobe does offer a 30-day free trial.}

Subway Art Photoshop Tutorial:
The most important factor of Photoshop is the layers palate. If you do not see the layers palate at first, click on View and the top of the screen and click layers. This will bring it to the forefront of your screen.

{1} I started with a blank 8.25×10.25 background layer that can be made under File>New. (Always make your new image 300dpi if you intend to print. 72dpi if you intend to use it on the internet)

{2} Once I had my blank page, I needed to decide what color I wanted my background. On the left sidebar at the bottom are two squares, one white and one black. I clicked the top square and picked a teal color.

{3} Then, I chose the paint bucket tool and dumped the color on the background.

{4} Then comes the fun part! I came up with the words I wanted to use and made a separate layer for each word (this allows you to easily move the words around on the page and use different fonts for different words). Now you are ready for your typing tool found in the box on the left of the screen that looks like a T. Each time you click the typing tool on the background it will create a new layer.

{5} Click on the typing tool and then click anywhere on the background. The cursor will start flashing and you will need to choose your font from the top tool bar on your screen and the size.

{6} Once you type your word you will need to close the layer by clicking on the move tool (the top left tool in your toolbar on the left of the screen) This enables you to move the word around on the background and you will notice the boxes around the corners of your word. You can click on the corner and enlarge the word to whatever size you need for the space.

{7} Simply repeat the steps for the different words until you fill the page and you are ready to print!

My finish product:

Thanks Erin!!

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