Talk about the project that I just couldn’t finish. Do you even remember what dresser I’m talking about?

Those aren’t the best pictures… and actually, judging from them.. why did I repaint it again?

My original idea was to strip, sand, and repaint black {fixing the botched paint job on the top, and fixing the scratched and messed up sides} to go with my bedroom that had these nightstands. After I had started, my husband decided to buy us a full bedroom set {which I do LOVE!!}. So our guest bedroom got the nightstands…but it’s too small to hold the dresser. {Are you bored yet?} I didn’t want to paint the dresser black because it would severely limit its use to just the guest bedroom….so off I went to Lowe’s and picked out a fresh white color.

I wanted use oil paints this time, and somehow the very nice man at Lowe’s switched my oil paint to latex, colored it, handed it too me…and I didn’t notice. I didn’t notice until after I had painted a whole coat onto the dresser, the entire time thinking, “Kate… I don’t know about your Penetrol tips for paint. This seems to be the opposite of smooth, brush-less painting!” THEN I looked at the can…latex. Mixed with an oil paint conditioner. Oh geez.



darn you Lowe’s Latex man.

Back to Lowe’s. And I decided on a different color… Olympic paint in Eddie Bauer Wicker. I sanded, and then started painting. *Note to self…you can not clean oil brushed off with water. It was right about here….when the tornadoes hit central North Carolina. And this is what Lowe’s, about five miles from my house, looked like after the storm passed.




*No one was killed at Lowe’s thanks to some quick action!

I track down brush cleaner…several days, eh… week? goes by and finally the dresser and drawers are all painted a beautiful taupe. So then what any reasonable person would do, and got the sander out again. I did a light sanding and then dry glazed the whole dresser.

I say dry glazed because instead of using a wet paper towel to wipe off the glaze, this time, I used a dry one allowing the glaze to settle into where I had sanded and create a distressed, worn look. A look I wanted, but since the wood underneath was light, just sanding it didn’t look right. I’m almost at the end of the story, don’t worry.



Final Product {not complete with handles}

Handles are coming… and I know that will completely change the look! I’m still not 100% sure that I’m keeping her in the living room, but for now, she fits. What do you think? Like the transformation?

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8 thoughts on “Dresser Makeover…Finally.

  1. Centsational Girl

    Oh no, so sorry about the Penetrol mishap! I think I need to put up a billboard or something, but you figured it out, yep Penetrol is for oil based paints (and Floetrol for latex/water based paints). Ee gads, wish I lived closer, we could have pulled it off together!

    No matter, your final result looks really good, I love the soft color you chose! Pretty pretty!



    1. Abi Post author

      It was no fault of yours! I didn’t read the paint can I was given.. haha. I couldn’t figure out why my paint and conditioner looked like oil and water=) I’m happy with how it turned out…your tips proved correct=)!


  2. Lynn

    This is a gorgeous dresser. I hope you find just the right spot for it. I can’t wait to see the hardware that you have ordered. Also, how about those folks at Lowe’s and that fast response to the tornado?!?!? (Every retailer’s dream is to get positive press like that!) Thanks for sharing!


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