As a renter, when I shop for bigger decor items, before I buy… I have a test. I stop and ask myself: Is there more than one room I can use this item in? We move (hence the renting) and I don’t know what I’ll be working with on the next move. Will we pick a loft, townhouse, cottage? If the pieces I buy can’t fit into different rooms, I might end up having pieces that have no place because of different layout, room size, etc. I can’t just buy a piece that fits great where I’m at now. I have to think about it how I could use it in different rooms and in different ways.

When I saw this lamp, I was so excited! Not only did I just love it (and the price was amaaazballs!) but I could see it in my living room and my office! In fact, I wasn’t sure which room I would originally put it in.

Isn’t she pretty?! For now, she’s in my living room helping me mix my metals! But her clean lines and crisp metal finish means she would look great in the office too! For me–the renter–she’s perfect! And yay, more industrial-feeling pieces!


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6 thoughts on “For the Renter, A Lamp

  1. Missy

    That’s one cute lamp! :)
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my chairs…they turned out even better than I thought they would..I <3 them!
    have a great day


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