I came into my marriage making it very clear that one of the things I just don’t do….is make the bed. I didn’t really see the point of making the bed when I was just going to crawl back into it that night. I’m not sure how many times my husband tried to change my philosophy on making the bed, but I wasn’t budging.

Well one day, not even a month ago, I randomly made the bed. I’m totally going to give having Ajax in my life now for having the motivation for my making the bed. Being home more than what I was used too, and coming to the very realization that organization is key to making life work with an infant, I tried making the bed in hopes of organization.

And I LOVE it. After years of adamantly saying “No!” to making the bed, I have yet to NOT make the bed this year (haha, I love that it’s only Jan. 8th). There’s something about walking into my bedroom and seeing the bed made. It’s actually become one of my favorite places to be when I’m home.




I’m going to keep making my bed. More for what it does for me–feeling like my bedroom is clean and organized. It’s become part of my morning ritual, helping me get the day started. Sorry it’s taken me so long, babe, to understand the power of making the bed. You’re so smart!

My bed has never looked so lovely…


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4 thoughts on “Making the Bed

  1. Laura C

    My hubby and I are the exact opposite. I always make the bed and he makes a half-hearted attempt at best. It does make a huge difference to me. I love coming home from a long day and slipping into a neat and tidy bed. Keep it up!!!!


  2. Erin

    I’ve noticed Ajax has worn several little outfits (including the one pictures above) that my Micah used to wear (he’s outgrown them now


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