My fall baby is almost one *tear* and that means I get to dress him up in a costume and have people give him candy…which I will shamelessly eat. Once I decided he would make the cutest fox eva! I scoured Pinterest for the fox costume that was in my head. I stumbled onto Camelot Fabrics fox costume (complete with a pattern!) and I swooned.

I did take sewing in 4H (does anyone know what that is?) but it’s been a while since I’ve actually sewed anything. Looking at the pattern and instructions, I was pretty sure I could make this. Camelot Fabrics did a great job of explaining and showing me what to do. It only took one phone call to my mom (who really does know how to sew) and I made one adorable fox costume for Ajax’s first Halloween.

The only change I made was to the tail–instead of just a tab, I made it into a loop so I could belt the tail to my wiggly, constantly moving little man.






It really wasn’t that hard of a project to do. I cut out the material one afternoon, and sewed it all the next afternoon. I kinda, really love how it looks on Ajax. I’m thinking he’ll get lots of candy…..

Have you picked out a Halloween costume yet?


I pinned this pin a while ago, and when my dad was in town (like back in August) I put him to work helping me make my very own DIY Home States. And looking back, I pretty sure I need him to get this project done. He uses math… which proved much more helpful than my “eeehh, that looks about right”.

DIY Home State collage

I ended doing almost exactly what Ashley did, with just a few differences. I didn’t distress my fence slats, I used Minwax Classic Grey for my stain, and I only put 5 slats for each of my states. Honestly, the Minwax stain that I used was more blue-grey than grey, so I brushed over the pieces with watered-down black acrylic paint (Ashley did that too) to help along the grey and get rid of the blue tones. I really love how they came out! Right now they’re in our guest bedroom because that’s pretty much the only wall space available right now. I’m pretty sure they will make their way into our living room on our next move, with maybe the fifth one on the wall too!

Also, if you are from North Caroline, don’t hate. My free-hand painting skills aren’t that great. North Carolina kinda looks like a rocket ship….



 I love Ashley’s idea when I saw her pin, and I love it even more now that it’s now hanging in my guest bedroom! Yay! Thanks dad for your help…I really could not of done it without you. I’ve got an idea for the extra (7th) board we made…I’m thinking for Ajax’s nursery…

diy where weve lived


Jax pumpkins

A week or so ago, Ajax had his first sleepover. It was with grandparents, which made it a little easier on my heart–little meaning I only cried halfway of the drive to book club. After having the initial emotions of leaving Jax for a whole freakin’ night, I enjoyed a night out. I didn’t have to rush home, so a girlfriend and I grabbed a drink after book club.  By 11pm, I was snuggled in my bed, sound asleep. I woke up the next morning right on schedule, whether I like it or not, 6am.

Here me when I say this, Ajax is not a burden. He is literally one of the best things in my life. But I woke up that morning, carefree. I didn’t have a thing I had to do. Well, until Roxann whined for a minute straight for me to take her outside. I had grand plans of grabbing coffee and a donut(s), reading and writing all morning…but I didn’t even make it out of my bed. I just laid there with my Keurig-brewed coffee and watched TV. It. Was. Awesome. I may not of done all, or any of the things that I had planned in my head, but it was so renewing and so refreshing to not be a caregiver for one morning.

You know when you’ve been running, and it sucks, but you’re still running. It’s only when you stop running that you realize how hard that run really was. (Well, I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes with running… I haven’t done it in years…because it sucks.) Getting that break, that one morning of no one depending on me, but Roxann, and lets be honest, she isn’t that much work. That break, as amazingly refreshing as it was, also equally reminded me that it is hard being a parent. And it’s hard single mommin’ it–even with my super easy, scheduled, always sleeps almost-a-toddler.

I know I won’t have to carry the load alone forever. God-willing, I’ll have a husband and co-parent back soon. Deployments end, even if they sometimes feel like they will for over for the rest of eternity. But that one restful morning reminded me that it’s hard doing this alone, and it’s okay to say that it’s hard. It’s not complaining, it’s just hard. It has been the toughest challenge so far, in the limited time that I’ve been a parent. By no means the only struggle, but single mommin’ it, that’s pretty hard core.

IMG_0747 2


Officially, fall doesn’t start until September 23rd, and since Colorado can pack all four season into one day, we still, sometimes, get to dress for summer. So I’ve got the cutest little boy in one very summery outfit! He’s been wearing it all summer, and I finally snapped a few pics of this outfit that really reminds me of a little Cali boy. And I’m still dying over his Converse… hands down the cutest and best sneakers he’s owned. I’m from PA… they’re called sneakers.

/ Shirt : Pumpkin Patch / Shorts : Pumpkin Patch / Shoes : Converse /