I did a home tour of our home in North Carolina (here, here and here) and showed off my Living Room in our first house here in Colorado here, so I thought I’d share my current Colorado home. Looking at these pictures, one, makes me want to MOVE. Ah, I love moving!! Two, it made me miss my gray couch (from the other CO house)… it’s currently all bundled up in our garage. And three, looking at my previous homes reminded me of a few decorating tips that I did in other homes that I might just bring to my current house. I’m so clever sometimes….

Today I’m sharing our master bedroom in our current CO home! (See a peek at my previous tiny CO Master here.) It’s neat to me to see the differences and changes between the houses. The one thing that drives me cra cra about our current home, both in our living room and master bedroom, and guest bedroom now that I think about it, is that there is one way for our furniture to fit into these rooms. One way. The way that it is currently set up. Which means no rearranging furniture for me…. it’s been a tough two years. Randomly I try to rearrange the living room and every single time the couches end right back up where they started. Maybe if we got a new couch….




CO Home Tour Master 2





We have a walk-in closet to the right, if you’re looking at our bathroom. And an enclosed toilet and stand-up shower to the left, looking at the bathroom. I’ve never once cared that there is no tub in the master en suite. We have a tub/shower in our guest bathroom, so there is one in the house.

I have ALWAYS loved navy (my mom is left with the navy blue walls I painted my room), so I swapped out our bedspread last summer. While the husband was deployed. That’s how deployments roll… he leaves, I buy things. We have had our bedroom set since NC, and I have always loved its clean lines. What I am just itching to do with this whole bedroom set… paint all the pieces a distressed white! Picture it; it would be amazing. Someone sell my husband on that, PLEASE.

There’s our current master bedroom. Anything you love? Are you a fellow navy lover?!

I have a little bit of a range this month with my reading, but since I am usually reading a few books at the same time, it’s nice to not have them all the same. It is defiantly harder to make time to read with Ajax thinking that every time I pick up my iPad, it’s “e-i-e-i-o” time. Baby Einstein’s Baby MacDonald is a HUGE hit for our little guy, he even sings along to the song. But thanks to AppleTV, I can usually snuggle with my little guy while he’s learning about farm animals, again, and read.



This was a book picked by my book club and I technically finished it on the road trip home after Christmas. It’s a movie–which I haven’t seen, but I’ll probably RedBox it once it comes out.

It was interesting. Maybe because my husband has talked about some life-changing moments while walking, but to me, it was interesting and I really wanted to see where her walk took her. It wasn’t life-changing for me, but it was an interesting read.




Truth be told, I’m not totally done with this book. Almost finished, definitely by the end of this week. Tina Fey is as good at writing as she is funny, and bonus, her writing is funny too. It’s been an easy read, a fun read. No real big take-away, but the light reading is definitely appreciated and enjoyable.





Wherever the River Runs

Once I finish a book I really liked, I always make use of Amazon’s amazing suggestions and look for similar books that I might like to read. That’s how I found this book, and it was pretty good! Kelly brings you along on these journeys to the Amazon (not the website) and makes you think. I love how she was able to translate the things impressed on her heart while she was in the Amazon to her daily life back home.



I haven’t totally deciding on the books for February (eehhm, I know it’s already February)– I’m waiting to see which ones become available first at my library. Have any suggestions?! I’d LOVE to hear them!




IMG_9708I can honestly say, being one for three, now one for four with this latest pregnancy, I didn’t expect to be here; here feeling as if I will be giving blood for months to come watching hormone levels slowly, slowly fade away. But when does one ever, truly, expect a loss. If anything, I would guess most of us are hopeless optimists every single time two pink lines appear. Every single time.

I didn’t expect to need my husband to make the mac-n-cheese, and peel all the tangerines, and build with blocks, and give all the baths (to Jax, hah!), and straightened the house. I needed him to do it, because I couldn’t do any of it. Not just because physically I couldn’t, but there was a part of me that was so shocked, because I didn’t expect to be here. Maybe it was a false sense of security watching my “orie” asking, little mimicker of all words running around my kitchen island yelling–because that’s the level little boys live at–”good girl” at the dog while trying to grab her tail. I still remember what it felt like to lose a pregnancy, but after having Ajax, I felt secure, maybe even thinking that having a healthy, successful pregnancy was a turning point. I didn’t expect to be re-living another loss. I just didn’t expect it.

I think I look pretty normal today; wearing makeup and my favorite Steve Madden sneakers and I’m laughing. Laughing at Ajax playing peek-a-boo as he covers his ears instead of his eyes. I think that’s how life is suppose to sort of pick back up and move forward. Even as we’re wading through emotions and frustrations and fears of the unknown, life simultaneously keeps moving forward. There are still smiles to be smiled, things to be thankful for and days to be lived. Beautiful days to be lived right along side the heart-break and tears. And that’s where I’m at, unexpectedly.


I know what you’re thinking. You didn’t see a pair of overalls in my winter capsule wardrobe. Caught red-handed. I definitely bought these after I finished my capsule. Such a rule-breaker. What’s funny is I’ve been protesting overalls since they started making their comeback. Something about them put me right back into eighth grade and awkward. Until I saw this photo

a2046039d9500eec8bace02096f2159fI instantly knew I could wear overalls again. Still holding out in protest against short overalls (and it’s winter) but I immediately went on the hunt for a pair. I even tracked down this pair, and they’re adorable. Free People, $98. A little more than I wanted to spend on a pair of pants I just decided I wanted to wear. So I hunted in all the usual cheaper places. Maybe because it was December, or because I had protested so long that people were over overalls, but I kept striking out.

Oh a whim I walked into…. eeehhhmm, Hollister.

They had overalls, in my size, 60% off. Score! Except I was slightly embarrassed to be making a purchase here as I WAS the oldest person in the store, by like 10 years, so I asked for a gift receipt with my purchase. My purchase which was obviously for my niece. And now “my niece” wears overalls all the time…


 They’re not skinny jeans like my inspiration picture, but they’re probably the only pair of boyfriend style jeans I’ve put on that I actually like on my body. I love that they’re distressed, I love the wash. I laugh at myself for wearing something from Hollister and totally loving them. I will admit it, I wear them all the time. Hah.

 Would you wear overalls?

IMG_9643overalls / Hollister  shirt / Gap (similar)

vest / J.Crew Factory (similar) – booties / Old Navy (similar)