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We just might have a white Christmas here in Colorado. How perfect for Ajax’s first Christmas! Think he’ll notice if I open his Christmas presents for him?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas cards from past years.

I’m actually shocked we are getting pictures up on the walls, but it really does make me feel more like I live here. If you remember, my husband put up this gallery wall in our old house. That wall really needed something to cover it, and the gallery wall was just that. Not to mention we get to see places we’ve travels and sweet friends.

Well, in Colorado house #2, our walls were slightly different. The biggest space of wall has the stairs right behind it, so it’s not a full wall. So the same pattern for a gallery wall really wasn’t doing to work, and the thought of figuring out a new pattern did not see like fun. I grabbed a few picture frame shelves from IKEA and went with the flow of the wall.
I may not be a fan of the current wall color and the light, but when I sit on my couch and see those pictures, I smile. I love how it flows with the stairs behind it, and the frames add something to it–which makes me love this gallery wall better than the precvious one. Now, to paint that wall… I DID just paint a wall in my living room and my thoughts are to paint the dining room the same color. I’ll share soon!!

It was an exciting week last week…finding out whether this little one was a he or she was awesome!! We planned a fiesta because who doesn’t like Mexican food, and a piñata seemed like a pretty fun way to reveal the gender.
gender reveal fiesta 1
gender reveal fiest 2

Do you see that BLUE??
Baby Boy coming early November!!

IMG_9695gender reveal fiest 4
I love these pictures…That was J’s dad hitting the piñata, so seeing their reaction as there’s about to be another boy in the family was awesome. Yay for baby boys!!!

Remember back when I asked about what dress I should rent?? Well, a weekend or so ago was the ball that I was looking for a dress to wear…and I surprised myself and actually picked on of the dresses on my list! I think what most affected the decision on which dress to pcik was that I had no idea what my body was going to do from day to day with the pregnancy and I didn’t want to pick a dress that just didn’t work with a growing baby belly…or as I see it, a growing I-ate-to-many-donuts belly. So I went with this dress
a ball
Know what’s even better than this gorgeous dress…that stud standing next to me that I get to call my husband! Oh, I love that man. We had a great time at the ball, and a great time downtown with friends just dancing away. It really is fun to get all dressed up, see everyone else all dressed up, and hang out with friends. I love that I get the opportunity to do that!
ball 2

When was the last time you got all dressed up?