I love desks. Love. And I love office spaces, which might be weird considering that the houses we’ve live in in Colorado have had zero offices. I love them, but won’t throw out a house just because it doesn’t have a designated office….that’s what Starbucks is for. But I still love them.

In our house in NC, had a built-in office, with floor to ceiling bookshelves. I remember being frustrated trying to figure out what to do with those shelves, but I loved having an office. And then, in our first house here in Colorado, that same desk found a perfect little corner in our den. When we moved to the house that we’re currently in, that gorgeous desk went to live with a friend because we literally had no room for it.

We’ve been in our current home a little over a year, I just figured out what to do with that funny little nook in between our kitchen and living room. A desk, duh!! It a favorite nook of mine that’s come together, and I absolutely love seeing it whenever I’m down stairs- which is almost all the time.

desk love 1

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve LOVE those hanging baskets from IKEA so much that I needed more of them in my house, or the needing a smaller desk narrowed my options easily to this white desk from World Market, or that one of my dining room chairs fits perfectly as a desk chair as well… I don’t know exactly what it is specifically about this little space that I love so much, but I do!

Do you have a favorite space in your house?

My little man is going on eight months, I just lowered his crib –which actually makes me really sad. I loved seeing his smiling face, bink in his mouth, standing, holding on the edge of the crib when I would go in to get him every morning. But having a crib railing underneath his arms was just begging for him to try and climb out, so down it went.

Maybe it was the Colorado influence, but I went a little woodsy with his nursery. Wood and metal elements (which is pretty much all over my house), deer head, the most amazing crib sheet, antlers on the wall. It feels pretty boyish in there, and I love it.

When Jax was born, a flag was flown just for him on the day of his birth, and we were presented with it a few weeks later. I absolutely love it! I love the tradition behind it, and that he gets a piece of his papa’s legacy to keep forever.


I don’t know how soon the next move will be, and I have a guest bedroom to concentrate on getting in order first, but I would LOVE to see one of Livettes up on one of his walls! Right?! Maybe in the next house…

IKEA was a great resource for me, when looking for pieces for his nursery! I really have no complaints about the crib or the dresser–I still love both! And I even still like the rocking chair–it’s comfortable and does what I need it to without being to fussy. In the next house, I might not put the white shelf up in his room…it feels slightly out of place with it’s crisp whiteness, but for now, it works holding books and socks and swimming gear.

Crib : IKEADresser: IKEA
Curtains: Target
Curtain Rod: Target
Rocking Chair: IKEA
Poof: Target
Deer Head: Amazon (and then spray painted)
Frames: Hobby Lobby
Letters: Etsy: Shop1929
Antlers: c/o my father
Hanging buckets & plants : IKEA
Crib sheet: Etsy: Babiease (It’s so soft and I LOVE the fabric!)
Shelf: IKEA
Chair: Nuna


Why have books if you can’t pull them off the shelf?!

CamoJax CamoJax2 CamoJax3IMG_4052 CamoJax4 CamoJax5
Shorts // Baby Gap (older, but similar & a little bigger) – Shirt//Carters - Shoes//Baby Gap

I love me some Kate Middleton, but I really can’t say the same for Prince George and his pastel-wearing, sail-boat embroidered outfifs.  Granted, he’s adorable in anything he is wearing! But I’ve definitely gravitated towards outfits for Ajax that speak “boy”. And what is more boy than camo?! I absolutely love my little guy in camo. And a little pop of neon totally completes the look. Who said dressing little boys wasn’t fun?! Especially when I go all matchy-matchy with my camo pants on the same day…although I leave the army crawlin’ to him.


Has it really been over two weeks (or more) since I last posted? I blame Mimi and Pop….. or as I know them, my parents. Single mommin’ it is no joke, so we hopped on a plane to see my parents for a few weeks. Turns out, flying solo with a seven month old is also no joke. To the older gentleman who let Ajax pull your arm-hair and drool on your glasses, may your grandkids give you lots of hugs and kisses. Tip: flying later at night is so much better for babies…they sleep!

Spending time with Mimi and Pop was wonderful. Not to mention getting to see my sister and brother and his whole family. Wanderlust keeps me okay with living in different places, but having Ajax has made me crave spending quality time with family. Grilling, park walks, road-trips, and trying our hand at baking creme brûlée- it was delightful. Not to mention Jax just eating up all the snuggles he got from all his aunts and uncles, and of course, Mimi and Pop.

It was a great time relaxing and being loved on. Do you have a spot you head to when you need a little breather?