Has it really been over two weeks (or more) since I last posted? I blame Mimi and Pop….. or as I know them, my parents. Single mommin’ it is no joke, so we hopped on a plane to see my parents for a few weeks. Turns out, flying solo with a seven month old is also no joke. To the older gentleman who let Ajax pull your arm-hair and drool on your glasses, may your grandkids give you lots of hugs and kisses. Tip: flying later at night is so much better for babies…they sleep!

Spending time with Mimi and Pop was wonderful. Not to mention getting to see my sister and brother and his whole family. Wanderlust keeps me okay with living in different places, but having Ajax has made me crave spending quality time with family. Grilling, park walks, road-trips, and trying our hand at baking creme brûlée- it was delightful. Not to mention Jax just eating up all the snuggles he got from all his aunts and uncles, and of course, Mimi and Pop.

It was a great time relaxing and being loved on. Do you have a spot you head to when you need a little breather?

One of my favorite summer drinks is sangria, and I’m especially partial to Spanish Sangria. This sangria super easy to make, delicious, and if your not careful, you’ll drink half the pitcher without realizing it. It’s that delicious! Also, since it has orange juice in it, does that mean it’s acceptable to drink for breakfast?
spanish sangria

Spanish Sangria

1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups spiced rum
1 bottle red wine*
orange juice

I used apples and oranges for my sangria, but you can use whatever fruit you would like or have on hand.
Cut up the fruit and add it along with sugar and rum to a pitcher. Stir and refrigerate for a couple of hours. Add your bottle of wine (yes… the entire thing, minus the glass you stole). Add orange juice to taste–I prefer mine with lots of OJ– and you’re done.

Drink. Share. Enjoy.
spanish sangria 1

*I used Ménage à Troís California Red Wine–it’s a cheap, but good red wine. Just make sure to use a red that you love.


Recipe adapted from here

I don’t reference my military life a whole lot, but my husband’s career dictates just about every inch of our lives. And not always in a negative way, although having the ability to tell off Uncle Sam every now and then would be nice, especially the time when you reschedule my husband’s leave date for the fourth time.

I often get asked “How do you do it?” when my hubbs is away for months at a time. To any other military spouses…you’re familiar with the question. And honestly, there isn’t a golden answer. Well, at least I have never had one. You just do it. Sometimes it awful. Sometimes you take yourself on vacation. Sometimes you are mad that he left you alone, and sometimes it is nice to be alone.

For me, one of the worst parts about him leaving is a few weeks before he leaves. I get slammed with anxiety. Waking up in the middle of the night with a tight chest and it doesn’t go away the moment I see him asleep next to me. Because I know he’s leaving. Maybe not tomorrow, but it’s racing towards me and there is nothing I can do to stop it. And even if his date gets pushed back, it really only makes it worse because it’s just delaying the inevitable.


Because once he leaves, I just do it. I’m the only one who can get up and get Jax, I’m the only one who can take the trash out, I’m the only one who “gets” to pick up Roxann’s poop (and apparently not let her pee in the same place because our HOA is obnoxious). You just do it because if you don’t, it won’t get done. Life goes on and things have to get done.

Life goes on, and those dear, sweet friends that are more like family stop by to see how you are. Those amazing friends who aren’t bothered by things like states and miles apart, call and text and FaceTime to let you know that you aren’t alone. I guess that’s how you do it when he leaves, you just do it, with the help of those around you.

One of my goals for this year was to read (at least) twenty-four books, and it being May, almost half way through the year means I have a few books under my belt. And since I love getting a good book recommendation, I thought I’d share a few of mine.
easy reads 2
I blew threw these books! I was on the fence about reading the Divergent series (what am I, 13?) but once I read the first one, I had to see how the series ended. Spoiler alert: Not.A.Fan. The ending was lame-o. But they were a fun read, nevertheless.

good reads 3
I really do love reading books by other bloggers, and these two were delightful to read! These two new books are next to be added to my “currently reading” list–before I buy, have any thoughts?

currently reading 2
There are always a few books I’m reading at the same time, and usually they’re quite a range. I’m almost done with “Surprised by Motherhood” and it’s like a good hug. I’m about to feed Jax a whole chicken and I wanna know how to do it (Baby-Led Weaning). I’ve always loved a good marketing/business/writing book. They’re all pretty good, for very different reasons.

There’s a whole lot of books here–have you read any of them? Any suggestions? I’m always, always looking for a good read!