I know what you’re thinking. You didn’t see a pair of overalls in my winter capsule wardrobe. Caught red-handed. I definitely bought these after I finished my capsule. Such a rule-breaker. What’s funny is I’ve been protesting overalls since they started making their comeback. Something about them put me right back into eighth grade and awkward. Until I saw this photo

a2046039d9500eec8bace02096f2159fI instantly knew I could wear overalls again. Still holding out in protest against short overalls (and it’s winter) but I immediately went on the hunt for a pair. I even tracked down this pair, and they’re adorable. Free People, $98. A little more than I wanted to spend on a pair of pants I just decided I wanted to wear. So I hunted in all the usual cheaper places. Maybe because it was December, or because I had protested so long that people were over overalls, but I kept striking out.

Oh a whim I walked into…. eeehhhmm, Hollister.

They had overalls, in my size, 60% off. Score! Except I was slightly embarrassed to be making a purchase here as I WAS the oldest person in the store, by like 10 years, so I asked for a gift receipt with my purchase. My purchase which was obviously for my niece. And now “my niece” wears overalls all the time…


 They’re not skinny jeans like my inspiration picture, but they’re probably the only pair of boyfriend style jeans I’ve put on that I actually like on my body. I love that they’re distressed, I love the wash. I laugh at myself for wearing something from Hollister and totally loving them. I will admit it, I wear them all the time. Hah.

 Would you wear overalls?

IMG_9643overalls / Hollister  shirt / Gap (similar)

vest / J.Crew Factory (similar) – booties / Old Navy (similar)

I know people hate on Pinterest (I have my own opinion about that) but I love love love scrolling through all the pictures and recipes. I get so many ideas and direction from Pinterest. God bless you people who created you!

I was on Pinterest before Christmas and I spotted this pin. I knew there would be no way I could do this Christmas, but I thought that this might make a perfect winter item! Jen offered a free antler printable which I printed out in two different sizes to match my hoops. Also, side note. There are soooo many cute hoop art tutorials on Pinterest! I might have to do one more.

DIY Winter Antler 1 DIY Winter Antler 2 IMG_9535DIY Winter Antler 3It was a pretty easy DIY. I got to sit on the couch, watch a little TV, and finish this project! Both of the hoops didn’t take long at all, and I love how sewing the antlers down slightly puffed them up and made them look more “antlery”. Not to mention that I just happened to have the perfect color of felt on hand to match the colors in my living room.


IMG_9597I love these perfect winter antlers and the use of hoops in my home decor! Have you made any hoop art?

Happy Friday!

It was super weird to be at home with just Ajax this week. The husband had to go back to work, which was not my idea. If I was in charge of the Army, vacation would be like deployments; much longer than originally scheduled, end date always getting pushed back, and so long that you forget what life was like beforehand. Anyone else on board? And for you non-military people… picture a really, really, really long business trip to somewhere remote where they have to use things like satellite phones and eat things like goat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite things this week! Are you currently crushin’ on any of these?

favorite look


favorite recipe


favorite words7826866a0a59d5b3a96a8456d9da49de

favorite for the babe


favorite room


One of my favorite things around the holidays is the food. I know there’s cookies and cakes and candy canes, but I seem to be surrounded by people who make amazing meals. And I love making amazing meals, or trying to at least.

Each Christmas, we always do a dinner for just us. Normally we’re traveling or spending the holidays not at home, so we have our own little Christmas. This year, with Jax, it was amazing. We woke up early in the morning and came down to cinnamon rolls, stuffed stockings, the Christmas story and presents.

oh the food 1For dinner, I have to admit I absolutely cheated. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, it was beyond good. I can say that because technically I didn’t make it. Costco did. I  had decided to do fish for dinner, and realized it had been a while since I brought home one Costco salmon with mounds of pesto butter already on top. I literally put it in the oven, let it cook a little longer than suggested because that’s how I like my salmon, added rice pilaf and asparagus sauteed in butter and salt and pepper. And Christmas dinner was done!

I also made a super easy appetizer for us using some of my favorite foods: pear slices with a smudge of blue cheese and piece of arugula all wrapped together with prosciutto.
oh the food 2 IMG_9252

THEN, for Christmas Eve, my sister-in-law served us raclette, and it was delicious. I THINK I might like it a little better than fondue, although I’m not really going to hate anything involving cheese. And in proper raclette form, we ate in tiny bites, which made it all the more delicious. Meat + cheese + bread, veggies + cheese + bread, meat + veggies + cheese + bread, cheese + bread… we ate it all.
oh the food 3


I can’t even continue with NYE and the husband’s birthday….. oh the food. Did you eat anything amazing this holiday season?