I’ve been “Abby” for most of my life. There was no reason not to be. My official name is Abigail; Abby is the normal nickname, and I grew up being called by my nickname. Abigail was reserved only for those times when I was in trouble or graduating from kindergarten or signing up for Facebook. There was that one time a high school friend tried to nickname me “Gail” but it didn’t stick–Thank goodness! (If your name is Gail, I’m sure it fits you just perfectly.) So besides the day-long Gail thing, I’ve been Abby.

It’s funny, as I write “Abby” now, it doesn’t even look like me, even though the me in my junior year of college was still going by “Abby”. It was also my first year at a new university, and I don’t remember how I got the job, but I worked at a Baskin’ Robbins during my junior and senior years. My last night there, my co-workers made a sign saying that I was graduating and leaving so tip the poor ice cream girl. Everyone thought it was from high school…

There was only a handful of employees at Baskin’ Robbins, mostly girls. One girl became the best friend anyone could ever ask for; even if she did think this was just a “ma and pa” ice cream shop. Oh, Nicole… Since I was in college, despite my apparent looks of being a high-schooler, myself and the two other college girls there quickly gained responsibility at the store. The owners were an Indian couple who were kind and generous employers. I don’t remember the first time she cooked for me, but she fed me many dinners, and it was good. She made a killer Mexican Pizza for me multiple times; I can still remember how good it was. And after returning from India, she gave me costume jewelery worn at their weddings, and I stared at the beautiful henna all over her hands and arms. The more I got to know them, the more fascinated I became with Indian culture.

It wasn’t right away… for a while when she wrote the schedule she used my full name. But one day I noticed Abi written on the schedule. To her it was simple; she heard people called me Abi and it was the name I introduced myself as. So to her, spelling Abby, Abi, only seemed natural.  I had never seen Abby spelled with an “i” before, and I loved it!

Since Abby was a nickname, it wasn’t like I was actually changing my name (my reasoning when convincing my mother that it’s not that big of a deal to now go by “Abi”). For my graduation party (from college, people!) a friend helped me make an invitation which I wrote “Abi” on it for the first time. Hindsight, maybe I should of include my alternate spelling as to not confuse anyone… My mom said my soccer coach’s wife asked if she had been spelling my name wrong all along.

What started out as a just a shorten version of Abigail on a work schedule, became my new name. I still get “Abby” now and then, and I don’t really mind. I usually don’t correct them, unless they ask. But I’ll be honest, it just doesn’t look like my chestnut praline latte from Starbucks with “Abby” written on the cup. That’s just not my name anymore.




Who would of thought that a little one year old would have favorites?! And I’m sure there are probably a few more opinionated children out there, as I seem to have a pretty chill kid. Unless you take his “squeezy”, then he will let you know.

I’m always looking for suggestions for things for Ajax; and I love lists. I know that not everything works for everyone, but man I really wish someone would of told me what a waste diaper bags were…like before I had the kid. We have been using this mini backpack for the last couple months, and I.AM.IN.LOVE. It fits all of his gear, even a few toys, I’m not trying to pass it off as purse, and pretty soon, he’ll carry it himself! Not to mention mini backpacks are just the cutest.

So I thought I’d share a few of Ajax’s favorite things, in case you wanted to hear it from a one year old*.

 Photo Nov 28, 3 21 48 PM

1- Wubbanub These have been amazing for Jax! When he was little, the animal kept the soothie near his face instead of falling. He pretty much has one in his mouth all the time (Yes, transitioning away is probably going to be rough. That’s how much he loves them!) We’ve had the giraffe (the only one that broke), lion (we lost), elephant and the bull. And this one is on Ajax’s wishlist because it’s sooo cute!

2- Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup It was a little struggle to find a sippy cup that really worked for Jax. We used the Tommee Tippee bottles (and loved them!) but when it came to a sippy cup, we need it to be spill proof AND the flow to be fast enough that Ajax felt like he was getting milk. Not only do I think these cups are super adorbs, but they check both boxes! Honestly, we use Tommee Tippee bibs too… I have nothing but good things to say about the company!

3- Gerber Fruit & Veggies Melts Sooo for the longest time, we did only HappyYogi Yogurt Snacks, and they’re great! I randomly bought the Gerber ones at a grocery story that didn’t sell the Happy products, and Jax devoured the whole bag! I love that they have fruit and veggies, they’re cheaper (although not organic–they do make some organic ones) and anytime Jax sees a yellow bag, he’s asking for some.

4- Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart This cart is legit. It swivels like the IKEA carts, has great safety features and it sooo cute. I have a pic of one naked Jax with fake veggies in his cart just strolling around the house.

5- Jellycats Both of these were gifts, and both of these are currently napping with Jax. When it’s time to go “night-night” these friends are right there. They are both super cuddly, and bunny is fur-like so Jax always giggle when I rub “bunny” on his face.

6- HappyTots “Squeezies” always get a smile and happy belly when I offer one. I love the combo of fruit and veggies, and it’s a super easy snack or addition to a meal. AND, our Costco sells them. Score!

7- Noisy Trucks We don’t have this exact book, I couldn’t the one we have, but they’re very similar. Ajax LOVES pushing the buttons–it’s the “new stage.” I love that it gets him reading, even if it is the buttons that keep his attention.

8- Radio Flyer Tricycle This thing is amazing! Jax LOVES going to rides in it. I love pushing it. Roxann loves kissing him while walking beside it. We all win!


*Ajax did not write this, I did. His favorites are based off of what he plays with, eats with and sleeps with.

Photo Dec 17, 9 36 37 PMMy baby is one.

Literally, EVERYONE says that time just flies when it comes to your little ones. I remember being a new mom to a three month old thinking how wrong they were, whoever “they” were. The days didn’t seem to move. Days filled with stress, uncertainty, worry, complete dependence on me. Looking back, a lot of the trying in those days could be attributed to a massive fallout with friends that left me searching for new childcare. That right there is enough to make any normal person want to curl up and sob that it’s to hard. Add a husband training and away, the Colorado winter cold, and the stress that came just even thinking about nursing, and those days were long, long, long.

But somewhere, in what now, looks like in a blink, the days move along and decisions were made. I found an incredible daycare for Ajax, my husband deployed (that’s not really a positive, but usually it is so much more emotional right before he leaves. After he’s gone, it’s all about the countdown). I stopped nursing and became a much happier mama. Spring came, as the calendar predicted, and brought with it the amazing Colorado weather. And my little boy, well, he grew. Crawling and then walking (at nine months!) and with each milestone, he grew more and more independent and suddenly the days were flying. Now my once tiny, completely dependent seven-pound squish… he is now one.  And I’m now an everyone saying the time just flies by.

I am obsessed with this stage that Ajax is in right now…I can literally see him learning. He point at everything and gives an “eeeeeehhhh?” He has found his tongue and it’s the funniest thing to ask him where it is.  One of his first words was “thank you” – inflections only, and thanks to Mimi, he now walks around, point and says the cutest “no no”. He’s healthy, happy, and my absolute joy, even when he’s refusing to eat the chicken he gobbled up yesterday.

You know what I would tell myself nine months ago…time will fly by. Get ready. And try not to stress. You are making the right decisions. At the root of all of those choices you felt were so hard to make, was this desire to be the best mama you can be… and that was guiding your decisions. And you must of done something right, because he’s now one and pointing and asking for those non-organic yogurt chips that you swore, in the short year you’ve been a mom, that you weren’t going to get for him. Except he loves them. And it says they have veggies in them…. It’s all going to be okay, even better than okay. It’s going to be great.










Honestly, I loved living with my fall wardrobe so much, I decided to keep it up and do a Winter Capsule Wardrobe. I know, I was pretty horrible at taking pictures of my fall outfits. I’m still working on a solution, but I document outfit and post pics here, so check it out from time to time.

Creating this capsule was much harder for me, it felt like there was more pressure for some reason. But when I went back and evaluated what I bought and what I had, I really liked what was in my closet. I think I did a better job of selecting clothes that fit into my current lifestyle and are more “me”.  Also, maybe because it’s winter, or I saw the pieces in my fall wardrobe that I kept wearing again and again, but I went almost all black + white + gray + navy.

Honestly, I didn’t miss shopping really at all. It was so refreshing to not even think about getting more clothes. There were a few time where I felt like “I had nothing in my closet” but really, I just needed to do laundry. Adding the simplicity of a thought-out wardrobe really made me enjoy my clothes. I quickly saw what pieces I needed to consign, because they just didn’t fit me or my lifestyle, and what worked well! I have 39 pieces this time, including 3 vests, which I might still be swooning over.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

winterwardrobe1Winterwardrobe2.2WinterWardrobe3.3The pieces in this wardrobe are from Old Navy, Target, J.Crew Factory, Gap, and Loft. Pants are Paige, Hudson, Old Navy, Gap, J.Crew, Seven for all Mankind, and Express (in random order).