This isn’t really goodbye… at least I hope it’s not. I’ve been tossing around in my brain thoughts about blogging and where I might want to go with it. Because even if I haven’t been blogging consistently, I do love it. I love blogs. Even more, I love getting to connect with the people behind the blogs. Me + GaddingGal… I think we’ve gone as far as we’re gonna go.

GaddingGal started as a DIY blog, and I loved it! I got to work with some just amazing ladies and I loved the creative outlet. I also quickly realized that a full-time DIY blog required more than I had to give. Also, I didn’t love DIYing THAT much. Sometimes I like to BIY – Buy It Yourself.  And while I know I will move again, it’s not a for at least a year. And we’re just not traveling as much. Gadding just doesn’t seem to fit the Gal anymore.

I have to admit, it’s a little nerve-wracking writing this. Especially when I start nosing through my archive, all the way back to 2010 when I started blogging. It feels like I’m parting ways with an old friend, but I’m confident it’s the right move. So come connect with me over at my new blog :

Abi Linsey

For walking this with me, thank you.

You guys… I don’t know if doing this home tour is good for me! I say this with as much emphasis as possible: I want to move! And watching the new season of Fixer Upper, I’ll move to Waco thank you very much. My husband just rolled his eyes because he (who has been to Texas) thinks I might have a little to much Northern blood in me to fit into the great state of Texas… but I think you get me a house like everyone on the show is getting, and I’ll be one happy mama. Have I whined enough? Ready to see my current guest bedroom?






This is the smallest room in our three-bedroom townhouse, and the queen-size bed just barely fits. Maybe, if I was moving into this townhouse again, I might flip the nursery–which is a bigger room– and the guest bedroom. Maybe. We obviously spend more time in the nursery, but a smaller room for a nursery really isn’t a bad thing. Either way, I’m not changing it now, so our guest bedroom it is.

The chair beside the bed (the same one is in our master bedroom) where originally purchased to go in our living room in our first Colorado house. They’re really comfortable chairs–I sit in the one in our master bedroom all the time– and I really can’t wait to hopefully put them back into our living room in our next house.

It’s not a huge guest bedroom, but I love the feel of it. And whenever we have guests, I try to add a few personal touches to make sure it feels really comfortable and homey. Wanna come visit??

bed : IKEA
curtains : World Market + added panel to lengthen the curtains
states wall art : DIY
lamp : Home Goods
end table : DIY
chair : Overstock
bedding : IKEA
floor lamp : T.J.Maxx

CO Home Tour Guest Bedroom

It’s been a while since I had a little Boy Style on the blog, so I thought I’d share Ajax’s Valentines Day outfit, complete with heart donuts. It’s not really my style to go all out for VDay, but I do love the little pops of red in Jax’s outfit. And what is more Valentines that a little red and heart donuts!

If you follow me on Instagram (ask to follow if you don’t already! I usually say yes=)) you saw that Jax got a major bump on his head the other day. I still think my little boy takes a good pictues, bruise and all. But I am his mama, so I might be a tad bit biased.






Photo Feb 05, 2 58 40 PM

Photo Feb 05, 2 55 48 PM


These jeans are my favorite that Jax is currently wearing-they’ve got a comfort band around the waist and I love the skinny fit! And these boots… be still my heart! You might be shocked to know that they’re Stride Rite, and just about the easiest shoes to get on his feet. And he never gets them off. What’s not to love! Love, donuts, and this little guy… add some sushi and my big guy and I’ve got the perfect Valentines Day. With maybe some chocolate.

Photo Feb 05, 2 55 38 PM/shirt – Zara (similar)/ /jeans – Gap/ /boots – Stride Rite/


Oh Friday!! Yippee! Weekends are usually filled with pancakes and catching up on Shark Tank and fun trips to the gym so Ajax can play in the water to his heart’s content. And maybe the zoo because Colorado weather can be amazing! We’ve got a wild week coming up with my husband’s surgery right around the corner, so we’re pretty much gonna own this weekend. Own.


favorite look

lovin’ chunky sweaters (even with some awesome weather)
and navy + black has long been one of my favorite combos



favorite recipe

this is delicious. also, I added more cream, because more cream
is always yes. and you can make it via slow cooker. yes, please!



favorite words



favorite for the babe

my little guy will eat just about anything… if he feels like it.
If he decided he wants banana’s and yogurt, it’s hard to change his mind.
Even if I made him delicious potpie. This looks like an awesome idea!



favorite room

duu–rooling over these floors

living area with beautiful flooring and French doors

Just a few of my favorites this week!

But really, look at those floors….