Traveling, physically going somewhere new, exploring and trying new things used to be my main form of adventure. I absolutely love traveling. It’s what made living in Germany so wonderful. But these days, I’ve been finding that same excitement in everyday life, even when I haven’t left my house. I’d like to think that adventure can be found wherever you are, you just have to look for it.

I married a man who is away quite a bit, which is an adventure every time he’s gone. Usually I know when he’s gonna be gone, and I tease that I plan my shopping trips around my husband’s absence. But one thing his absence does is force me to be comfortable being alone. It might sound silly, but I’ve used those times to do things I’ve wanted to do that just haven’t fit into our schedules together.

In November our family grew to three, so when my husband left for a trip I’m now a me plus one baby and I found myself in a whole different kind of an adventure. Momma. Working momma. New momma. Tired momma. Thankful momma. I love that this is an adventure I get to go on, even if it requires coffee everyday and a normal nights sleep now means waking up at every tiny sound frantically reaching for the monitor to check on Jax.

Then he smiles… and I feel the way I felt when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time, when I locked eyes with the Mona Lisa,when I sipped limoncello on a rooftop in Cinque Terre looking at the ocean, and when I drank white wine on a secluded beach in Greece. That little boy, by no means is my only adventure. I’ll keep traveling and trying new things. But being a mom might be one of best adventures, ever. I wouldn’t trade this adventure for anything.



I came into my marriage making it very clear that one of the things I just don’t do….is make the bed. I didn’t really see the point of making the bed when I was just going to crawl back into it that night. I’m not sure how many times my husband tried to change my philosophy on making the bed, but I wasn’t budging.

Well one day, not even a month ago, I randomly made the bed. I’m totally going to give having Ajax in my life now for having the motivation for my making the bed. Being home more than what I was used too, and coming to the very realization that organization is key to making life work with an infant, I tried making the bed in hopes of organization.

And I LOVE it. After years of adamantly saying “No!” to making the bed, I have yet to NOT make the bed this year (haha, I love that it’s only Jan. 8th). There’s something about walking into my bedroom and seeing the bed made. It’s actually become one of my favorite places to be when I’m home.




I’m going to keep making my bed. More for what it does for me–feeling like my bedroom is clean and organized. It’s become part of my morning ritual, helping me get the day started. Sorry it’s taken me so long, babe, to understand the power of making the bed. You’re so smart!

My bed has never looked so lovely…


There’s a bubbly cocktail in my hand and thoughts about the brand new year that’s almost here. Thoughts about new goals and new hopes for what this year could be. I’m not really a “new years resolution” type person, but I do love me some goals. I might of said it before, but my husband encourages me to looks at goals I’ve set every six months. Honey, I know I act like I’m not really a fan-like I’m just in it for the drinks we get on our “goals date”-but honestly, I love that you’re all about setting goals and push me to be too. My whole act is really to keep me as non-committal as possible so there’s not as big of a sense of failure if I don’t achieve some of the goals I set.

There’s a whole lot that is beyond my control, even when it comes to goals. But what I’m learning is that it’s the trying, the effort, the movement towards those goals that makes all the difference. So in this almost here new year, I’m going for it. I’m going, with as much abandon as I can muster, towards my goals. To read 24 books this year, to write a writing plan and write, to floss my teeth regularly, to be consistent in working out. Let’s do this.

After I finish my yummy cocktail. Happy 2014.

What goals are you setting?


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Dressing postpartum is by far, much much harder than figuring out what I could stretch over a nine-month belly. My mom passed down some great genes to me which allowed a lot of my pregnancy weight to slip right off. But even with metabolism working on my side, there’s no changing the different body I’m now working with. Pre-pregnancy jeans just fit different, some don’t fit at all. There’s a little extra around my middle that I get to dress; not to mention a little extra in my tatas as well–thanks to nursing. It all makes for a body that I’m not always sure what to put on it. This loose, light sweater–in a color I’m still obsessed with–and black jeans makes for an outfit I feel comfortable in. And the bling around my neck, makes me feel pretty. Pretty at six weeks postpartum; I’ll take that.

What makes you feel pretty these days?