I know you may not think it, but I’ve been doing a lot the past few days. My parent’s were in town and I put them right to work…I’ll share some of the projects we did in a few days!

BUT, it being September 1st, I wanted to share something I’ve been thinking about, working on, shopping for (yeah, that was the hard part……). I found Un-Fancy through the ever-so-lovely Kate, and was intrigued. So I stalked Caroline. Majorly. She looks pretty cool.

I immediately loved the idea of slimming down my closet, but it took me a few days to really commit to actually trying the idea. Since I’m currently not working, most of my time is spent wrapped up with one adorable almost ten-month old and his funny laugh, his love for blowing bubbles–and sometimes food, and seemingly always present snot. Has anyone done a specific capsule wardrobe for working with that?!

It really was the idea of a simpler closet that propelled me to start looking at what was currently in my closet, and what pieces I might need to complete my capsule. Here’s what I came up with….

FCW Bottoms 2bottoms 3 FINAL/ 1-3:Old Navy / 4:Target / 5:Local Botique / 6:Marshalls / 7:Old Navy / 8:Gap /

/ 9:Gap / 10:Forever21 / 11:Express / 12:Paige Denim / 13:Hudson /

/ 14:Gap / 15:Citizens of Humanity / 16:Old Navy /

tops 1 final.1 2
REALLY TOPS FINAL. FOR REAL/ 1:Gap / 2:Alloy / 3:Walmart / 4:Marshalls / 5:Zara / 6:Old Navy /

/ 7:Target / 8:Old Navy / 9:Loft Outlet / 10:AE / 11:H&M /

/ 12:Gap / 13: Nordstrom Rack / 14:Target / 15:Old Navy / 16:AE /

/ 17:Marshalls / 18:J.Crew Outlet / 19:Old Navy / 20:Marshall’s / 21: Forever 21/

/ 22:H&M / 23:Old Navy / 24:Old Navy / 25:H&M / 26:Ana /

My edits to my Capsule Wardrobe: Fall Edt. as compared to Caroline’s…
  • I didn’t include shoes or jackets. When I started looking at ALL of my clothes, I realized I already shopped for shoes through the same lens as I was now looking at my clothes. So the shoes I have, I LOVE. Now, if not including shoes sends me on a major shoe buying spree because they’re not included in my capsule, I’ll include them next time.
  • I have, eeehhm 42 pieces. Don’t judge, it’s my first time. And it was hard saying “no” to clothes I already had.
  • My lounge clothes includes jeans and one pair thick, black leggings that sometimes look like pants. I wear these clothes as lounge/picking up the house/I’m hanging out with Jax today/Oh! We have literally no more wipes and must go to the store immediately jeans. I don’t like to wear workout clothes when I’m not working out (I know, it’s the new thing) and I’m not ready to leave that comfort zone of old jeans and a tshirt to get the house vacuumed and the laundry done. I don’t consider these jeans part of my “outfits”… but I will (most likely) be wearing them, even though you won’t be seeing them. Unless you shop at my Costco too….where I buy wipes.

It was really hard to mesh clothes that will possibly fit 80+ degrees and snow, in the same month. Heck, it’s Colorado…that weather could all be in the same day. But come December, we’ll see how I did! I’ll give you a peek at the outfits I put together through the next three months. Here it goes! And Happy Labor Day!

Comfy CO 1


ComfyCO 3


ComfyCO 4   pants (Zara) onsie (Hobby Lobby)


From the very beginning, when this little man started crawling, he has been soooo busy! He is everywhere and in everything thing. And being so busy, some days you just wanna be comfy. I spotted these pants at Zara waaaay back in the spring when we were in Chicago, and fell in love immediately. They’re the perfect hanging out at the house, pulling everything out of all the baskets, rolling around on the floor kinda pants! And the arrows, I’m dying! They remind me so much of the outdoorsy, woodsy feel of Colorado. The little boy in them is pretty cute, as well.


A trip to Atlanta (traveling with a mobile 8 month old……….) and busy days hanging out with cousins at the pool and the zoo, and somehow we’re already in August! When you’re living a countdown until you get your husband back from a deployment, it’s a huge blessing when the days just fly by. I doubt my blog shares the same feelings. Sorry.

Some of my favorite people are in Atlanta, including a soon-to-be-born little boy (give or take a few weeks) and his precious mama. So we threw the mama-to-be a High Tea at Dr. Bombay’s Tea House to celebrate her littlest, and it was delightful. I don’t even like tea, and I might have even lifted my pinky…

Because it was a High Tea, the favors were monogrammed clear mugs filled with teas and coffee. I used a little Martha* to make the monograms, and a whole lot of patience.

highteafavors IMG_4613

With all the showers that happen at this stage in life, it was really fun to have something a little different while still celebrating Ajax’s soon-to-be BFF. And also, I love these ladies! Don’t I have beautiful friends?!


What’s been your favorite way to celebrate milestones in your friend’s lives?


*Martha Stewart Glitter Glass Paints + Sticky Stencils


happy4thblue The Fourth of July means BBQ’s with family and friends, summer concerts,  lots of cold beer, suntans, and red, white and blue absolutely everywhere! How does that not stack up to being the best holiday out there?! Not to mention there’s an American flag everywhere you look, and I love it! Bring on the fireworks, pasta salad and hot dogs!

Happy Fourth of July. We love you, America!